Georgian-era Jewels: Our Bridgerton Inspired Pieces

Georgian-era Jewels: Our Bridgerton Inspired Pieces

June 13, 2024
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If you haven’t recently been immersed in a world of steamy love, high society scandals and dazzling diamonds – where have you been?

Bridgerton: Season 3 has officially hit our screens and we’ve been glued to our couches ever since, living in an alternate reality of heart racing romance and decadent style. Now left on the edge of our seats for Part 2, we think there is no better way to pass time than by becoming a Bridgerton ourselves.

Planning lavish parties and finding our own whirlwind romance is first on the list. However, we think finding our own irresistible jewels is the most important step of all.

Channeling your inner Penelope Featherington or perhaps another character from the stunning Bridgerton cast, you’re sure to capture attention with our Bridgerton inspired pieces.





Penelope’s Picks

Quiet in her elegance, Penelope’s list of pretty pieces would be written as carefully as her well-tailored gossip.

Often seen in eye-catching drop earrings and delicate diamond necklaces, we think her list would look a little like this:


There’s perhaps nothing prettier than diamonds and pearls…
Sterling Silver with 7.5 - 8 mm Freshwater Pearl & White Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings
One should never find oneself in tears, unless…
Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Center Stone Tear Drop Earrings
I am but a wallflower…
9ct Yellow Gold Silver Filled Cubic Zirconia Flower Stud Earrings
14ct Yellow Gold Round Brilliant Cut 0.75 Carat tw Diamond Double Flower Pendant





Francesca’s Finds

Francesca’s style is much like her pianofortes, delicate and intriguing. Often seen in elegant pearl accessories such as drop earrings; she emulates a dainty beauty which can easily be blended into everyday wear.

Carefully crafted to reflect Francesca’s very own ‘finds’, this list is an encapsulation of the musician’s decadent style.


As one of our best sellers, these earrings are irresistibly elegant. This pair is the perfect subtle accessory, reflecting Francesca’s own drop earrings in Season 3.

Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearls and Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings


Known for her stunning pearl pieces, Francesca’s statement pearl necklace in Season 3 captured our hearts. A perfect dupe, our own recommended freshwater pearl necklace is unequivocally Francesca.

Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Necklace


Prefer diamonds over pearls? Francesca also alternated her precious gems, opting for a jaw-dropping diamond set when stepping out for an elegant ball. Our yellow gold diamond drop earrings are the perfect replica of Francesca’s own diamond earrings this season.

HUSH 9ct Yellow Gold 2 carat tw of Diamond Simulants Drop Earrings





With an irresistibly elegant list of Bridgerton jewels to choose from, it’s time to live out your very own Georgian-era fantasy. Pick your own decadent pieces and begin planning an exquisite party, it’s time to show off your stunning accessories.


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