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The Perfect Diamond Ring

Find the perfect diamond ring for you or your loved ones at Zamel's. We know what a deeply personal decision this is, and we've got a range of rings for sale to mat...
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What should I look for in a diamond ring?

Picking out your diamond ring is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your life - so make sure you chose right. Don't feel overwhelmed! We'll walk you through the steps to choose your diamond ring. It starts with the Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity.

First, look at the cut of the diamond. How are the cuts angled, and how are the various parts of the stone proportioned? A well-cut diamond will capture the light and magnify the brilliance.

Carat is a measure of the diamond's weight, and is reflected in the price of the diamond ring. Then there is colour. A diamond can have a tinge of white, yellow or brown - but the rarest, most valuable and beautiful diamonds will be perfectly clear.

Another important component is choosing a brand that has the highest standards in diamond rings. Zamel's offers some of the top brands in diamond rings, such as Solitaire. Browse our collections to find something truly special.

Want to know more? Read our Diamond Guide so you can pick out the diamond ring that's perfect for you.

How do you wear a rose gold ring?

Rose gold rings offer beautiful warm undertones in the gold, creating a soft look that brings out the hues of your skin colour. The metal is made by blending pure gold with copper, and sometimes with silver as well.

Rose gold looks fantastic when set against an equally luminous pearl, such as in this 9-Carat Rose Gold Fresh Water Pearl, or against cooler metal colours with a brilliant shine, whether that's white gold or sterling silver.

When it comes to precious stones, the best gemstone for rose gold will always be diamond. The clarity of a diamond is magnificent against the warmth of the metal.

Who wears white gold rings?

If you want a bright ring with a shine that just won't fade, then a white gold ring is for you. They pair beautifully with diamonds, as both the stone and the metal will turn up each other's sparkle.

In white gold, the gold has been blended with precious metals such as palladium and silver, or other metals such as nickel and zinc. These metals make the ring stronger and enhance its lustre, to create a stunning white colour. Some white gold rings are also plated in rhodium - such as this 9-Carat White Gold Round Brilliant Cut with 1/4 Carat tw of Diamonds. As one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals, the rhodium surface creates a brilliant white shine and makes the ring much more resistant to scratches.

White gold rings are best if you're after a durable ring that'll hold on to its bright sparkle, but is more affordable than a solid platinum ring.

Should a man wear a signet ring?

Men's signet rings are statement pieces that can be bold without being ostentatious. From tungsten to sterling silver to gold, rings for men come in a wide range so you can pick out the one that speaks to you.

Men's signet rings were originally jewellery worn by elite men - actually, some of the earliest cases include the pharaohs of Egypt! These days, signet rings have lost their association with the upper classes, and are also worn by women as well.

A gold ring for men can be set with a bold dark stone that really stands out, such as a black onyx or a blood-red garnet. However, many are set with diamonds. Men's diamond rings will never go out of style, such as this 9-Carat Yellow Gold & Diamond Set Gents' Ring.

How do I choose the right engagement ring?

First off, congratulations! It's one of the most important decisions you'll make in your life, and we want every single part of it to be perfect for both of you.

If you're feeling overwhelmed about how to choose the perfect gold engagement ring, take a breather. We're here to sort it out for you.

First, choose the cut of your gemstone. This will depend on your budget and personal tastes. Once you've chosen the cut for a gold diamond ring, you'll have narrowed down your options to what you like and can afford.

Then choose the metal to match your gemstone. A gold diamond ring is the most common choice, as gold engagement rings are eternally popular. If you're after something different, there are also white gold engagement rings.

Ready to make your move? Browse our range of precious stone and diamond rings for sale, and use our Ring Sizing guide to choose the right size for you.