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The Latest Styles in Earrings

From delicate drop earrings to modern and stylish hoops, add a sparkle to your look with a pair of earrings from Zamel's. With gold and sterling silver earrings...
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Can you wear earrings all the time?

It's fine to leave in your earrings and wear them every day, as long as the materials aren't irritating your skin. All you need is to clean the earrings regularly.

There are no health risks from wearing your favourite pair of earrings every day. There's no time limit to how long you can safely wear earrings for.

For silver and gold earrings in Australia, we recommend that you take your jewellery off before showering or otherwise stepping in water, for best practise to prevent tarnishing.

Importantly, make sure you stick to quality gold and silver earrings. Other metals can irritate your skin, and prolonged exposure can lead to itchy or flaky skin.

For example, some cheaper suppliers of jewellery mix nickel into their silver or gold. These metals are less inert, meaning they can lead to irritation.

Can anyone wear diamond earrings?

Diamond earrings can be as formal or casual as you like. They're always elegant but also just the right level of subtle - making them flexible enough to suit a wide range of occasions.

Anyone can wear diamond earrings, to any kind of event or even as everyday wear. Diamonds are about class and sophistication, so you can wear them anytime you're in the mood to be confident in yourself.

Whether that's on the way to the grocery store, a dinner event or a wedding, just leave your earrings in. Diamonds are to be worn, not to be stored away in a jewellery box!

Many people believe that diamonds bring good luck, so wearing a pair as your earrings every day is the best way to have diamonds as a constant part of your life.

What gold earrings are in style?

As timeless as they ever come, gold earrings are a versatile piece of jewellery that you can wear day in and day out.

Gold drop earrings are the stand-out option for when you want to dress up a bit more. As they come in a wide variety of shapes and detailing, you can pick out the earrings that best suit your personal tastes.

Gold hoop earrings will add some charm to any underlying outfit you may be thinking of. From subtle to elaborate, hoop earrings have the range to complement any style you may be after.

The most comfortable option, gold sleeper earrings are not only a popular choice for new piercings, but also elegant to be worn as your go-to pair of earrings. Gold sleeper earrings are designed to be comfortable while you wear them to sleep.

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What colours look good with gold jewellery?

Gold and rose gold earrings look stunning when matched with a wide range of colours.

One of the best complements is gold earrings with black clothing. A solid black outfit is a deceptively simple outfit, one that speaks to elegance - just like gold jewellery. An all-black outfit will pull the eye to the gold you're wearing, so they're a great way to showcase your earrings.

Any shade of red - from scarlet to burgundy - also matches well with gold and rose gold earrings for women. Red and gold are both vibrant and bold colours with warm tones, so they mix stunningly well together.

If you're out for contrast, emerald green is the way to go, if you have gold or white gold earrings. The metallic tones of emerald match those of gold, especially white gold earrings, while the colder green colour allows the warmer gold jewellery to really stand out.

Can gemstones be worn as earrings?

Earrings are one of the best forms of jewellery where you can wear gemstones. Your earlobes are a safe place to keep the gems safe from abrasion.

Most precious stones will become abraded over time, meaning that they build up microscopic scratches on the surface of the gem. How quickly the scratches build up depends where on your body you're wearing the gemstones.

Precious stones set in earrings are hanging off your earlobes, and tend to keep the gems away from regular contact with clothing or any other friction points.

They also look fantastic and are easy to match with an outfit! For example, gold drop earrings set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires or other precious stones are a stunning accent to complement your look.

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