The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Men's Wedding Bands

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Men's Wedding Bands

April 16, 2024
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Choosing your men's wedding band is a symbol of the commitment you're making with your loved one. So it’s understandable that you want the best ring for you and your lifestyle. With so many options, you might be wondering what are men's wedding bands made from - and does it even matter?

We know how important this decision is, so that’s why our collection of men's wedding bands is a fusion of sophistication and individual expression.

Read on to explore the world of men's wedding bands and to learn more about the different materials and styles.



Yellow gold

Ideal for those with darker or olive skin tones, this metal is a classic choice that complements both vintage and modern settings.



White gold

Cool and modern, white gold suits fair and rosy skin tones. It’s a timeless and versatile metal, making it the perfect symbol of enduring love.



Rose gold

Rose gold adds a touch of warmth and romance with its soft pink colour. Despite its delicate appearance, it's the most durable type of gold - a great fit for men who need something strong and long-lasting.



Platinum is one of the rarest metals in the world. The strength of platinum ensures minimal signs of wear and tear, making it ideal for everyday wear.

Unlike other metals, platinum retains its colour over time, eliminating the need for re-plating. Just be sure to look for a stamp on the inside of the band - this will signify if your piece is a ‘pure platinum’ band with 95% platinum.



For grooms with active lifestyles, tungsten is a precious metal that is highly resistant to scratches and damage.

Tungsten's toughness makes it ideal for those who work with their hands. The material never tarnishes, ensuring a low-maintenance, long-lasting wedding band.

If you want something unique, tungsten wedding bands are available with inlays - like wood and colourful opal, personalised imprints, and laser engravings.

However, tungsten rings cannot be resized - so make sure you know your correct ring size before purchasing.


Men’s wedding bands from Zamels 

Celebration 9ct Yellow Gold Round Brilliant Cut 0.27 Carat TW Men's Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Band 

Crafted from 9ct yellow gold, this piece features a round brilliant cut lab-grown diamond, symbolising eternal love and sophistication. 


Tensity Tungsten Yellow and Black Patterned Band Men's Ring 

A combination of 316L surgical steel and tungsten carbide, this ring is hypoallergenic, strong, and tarnish-resistant - a great choice for modern, active grooms. 


Celebration 9ct Yellow Gold Round Brilliant Cut 0.10 Carat TW Men's Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Band 

This exclusive piece is made with 9ct gold and features a shimmering 0.10 carat lab-grown diamond. 


Our expert team at Zamel’s is ready to help you find the perfect men's wedding band that encapsulates your unique style and everlasting commitment. Whether it's the classic charm of 9ct yellow gold or the enduring strength of tungsten, your perfect ring awaits at Zamel's. Visit us at your nearest Zamel's jewellery store or online.