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What are the overall benefits?

Closely resemble
natural diamonds

Grown using techniques that
mimic the Natural Process of a
Mined Diamond

Same chemical and
optical properties as
Mined Diamonds

Excellent value,
and wide range
as quicker to grow

and gentler on
the environment

Ethical alternative
to mined diamonds

Discover Laboratory Grown Diamonds

It’s time to celebrate. Now there’s an ethical choice when it comes to wearing diamonds. The Celebration Collection are a brilliant range of ethically grown, high quality lab-grown diamonds. Find out how they’re created, and the benefits of choosing these stunning diamonds.

What Is The Celebration Collection?

Each Celebration Collection diamond exhibits the same fire, scintillation and sparkle as a natural diamond. The main difference? Instead of being mined, they’re created in a carefully controlled environment that uses the latest technology, processes and equipment. The Celebration Collection name refers to an exclusive range of lab-grown created using new techniques and processes.

How Are They Grown?

Diamonds within Celebration Collection are grown by simulating the same natural process that creates earth-grown diamonds. This is done via two distinctly different methods, known as High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Desposition (CVD). Using HPHT, a diamond is created by placing a small ‘diamond seed’ into a piece of carbon. This carbon is then pressurised and heated at extremely high levels to form a larger diamond, which then melts the carbon away to reveal it. When CVD processes are used, the same type of ‘diamond seed’ is placed into a sealed chamber, heated and exposed to carbon rich gases with technology similar to microwaves and lasers also applied. In CVD, further treatments can be used via heat or irradiation to enhance the diamond’s colour as well. 

How Are These Diamonds Graded?

All of our lab grown diamonds are ½ carat or above and each is GSI (Gemological Science International) certified. Celebration Collection in quality of I+ Colour and I1+ Clarity. It’s also reassuring to know that each and every diamond at Zamel’s, whether it is natural, or laboratory grown, adheres to the 4 Cs when being graded and classed: Cut Quality, Clarity, Colour Grade and Carat Weight.

Are They Classed As Real Diamonds?

Yes. Laboratory grown diamonds are recognised, and certified due to being made from pure carbon, and having the same chemical, physical, optical and crystal structure of a real diamond. The main difference is the time taken to create such a diamond vs a natural one and its origin. Natural diamonds are formed in the earth over millions of years, whereas laboratory grown are not. It’s very important to emphasise that absolutely no diamond in the Celebration Collection is a cubic zirconia or classed as one as they are entirely different.

What’s The Difference Between A Laboratory Grown Diamond, And Simulated Diamond?

A simulated diamond (cubic zirconia, white sapphire, moissanite, zircon, rutile, spinel and synthetic garnet) is not a natural diamond, nor is it graded like Celebration Collection laboratory grown diamond is. Natural diamonds and Celebration Collection laboratory grown diamonds both have a carbon composition (they are chemically the same) whereas simulated diamonds are not. Many simulated diamonds (such as cubic zirconia) are less durable and considered ‘soft’. This means they can be prone to issues such as breaking. Laboratory grown diamonds and natural diamonds, due to their carbon composition are harder, more durable and last a lifetime when looked after. 

Is Every Zamel’s Diamond Now Laboratory Grown?

No, Zamel’s pride ourselves in offering our customers real choice, so unlike some retailers that are moving to laboratory grown diamonds only, we will continue to provide a leading range of high quality natural and laboratory grown options. All our Celebration Collection diamonds in-store are clearly marked, but if you are ever in doubt about the type of diamond you are purchasing, just ask.

Why Choose A Celebration Collection Diamond?

Our Celebration Collection provides customers with a new, exciting option on what to wear, give and admire. They represent an exciting new advance in technology, fashion and jewellery. For many, the fact that every diamond in the Celebration Collection is grown ‘Mining Free’ has immense appeal as a responsible choice that is gentler on the environment. These diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as mined diamonds and are certified in a similar way. So as a result there’s very little discernible difference. Best of all, Celebration Collection diamonds are as durable as natural diamonds, and also offer exceptional value.