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Zamel's is the jewellers in Perth for when you need something special, something a little bit different - something that'll stand out from the crowd.

With so many mass-manufactured looks, stylishly designed jewellery and watches can help you to stand out. Make your mark with Zamel's, your jewellers in Perth.

Looking for some assistance? Send us any questions, concerns and feedback you might have.

Find Your Perfect Piece

Jewellery and watches at Zamel's are made with quality at every step of the way. From the sourcing of our diamonds to the way the gemstones are cut and set into the jewellery, each piece is a marvellous addition to your jewellery box.

Each piece is designed and crafted by artisan jewellers, out of precious metals such as gold, rose gold, white gold and sterling silver. With our unmatched expertise in jewellery design, you won't find such an extensive collection of quality jewellery, at any other jewellers in Perth City.

From brilliant and stylish to timelessly elegant, each of our pieces is as unique as the person wearing it.

Our jewellery shops in Perth are committed to your journey to find the perfect jewellery that speaks to you and showcases your personality. Reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have, or sign up for our VIP experience to explore our collection.

Discover Something Precious

Our jewellers in Perth offer jewellery set with a wide range of gemstones - so you're in luck if you're after a specific gem with special meaning for you.

From the clarity of topaz and emerald to the vibrancy of ruby and garnet, browse the range of gemstone jewellery at one of the most affordable jewellery shops in Perth.

If you want two hues that bring out the best in each other, look at our range such as a luminous pearl with sterling silver or diamonds with white gold. We use diamonds with specific cuts and shapes for our rose gold and white gold jewellery, so the diamond can enhance the inherent radiance of the gold.

If you want a bold contrast that irresistibly draws the eye, choose a cold colour such as white diamond or sapphire set in warm gold. We even offer a tailored experience to explore our collection and find your special diamond.

For a piece that you'll treasure forever, browse the range at Zamel's, the best jewellers in Perth.

Choose Zamel's, Choose Ethical

What looks beautiful on you should have a beautiful story behind it, too. As a premium jewellers in Perth we only use diamonds that are responsibly sourced.

As a Certified Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), Zamel's takes seriously our responsibility to make sure our jewellery has come from ethical sources every step of the way, from mine to retail.

Our RJC Certification is audited by an independent third party. The business practices at our jewellery stores in Perth have been verified to meet RJC’s Code of Practices on business ethics, human rights, social and environmental performance.

Every diamond sold at Zamels follows the Kimberley Process - an international certification scheme for ethical trade in rough diamonds. Here at Zamel's, our jewellers in Perth are committed to preventing the trading of conflict diamonds, used to finance armed conflicts against legitimate governments - and we invite you to be part of this, too.

We are proud to stand with the community for a better and more ethical world. Make sure you buy a precious stone you'll be able to wear with peace of mind, and take part by browsing for ethical diamonds at Zamel's.

We're Here to Help You

Jewellery from Zamel's jewellers in Perth has both the style and the quality to last the test of time. Built to last, we help you look after your jewellery - to keep it in pristine condition, just like it was when it was new.

We want to keep your jewellery bright and beautiful. Bring your jewellery in with your receipt, and our jewellers in Perth will happily clean and polish it for you - at no extra cost!

Our jewellers in Perth will gladly help arrange maintenance and repairs for your beloved jewellery, so you can keep wearing it as long as you love it.

If you notice anything that needs repairing, such as loose clasps, simply bring it into your nearest Zamel's jewellery store in Perth. Our white gold and two-tone jewellery may have rhodium plating for a brilliant surface, and this may need resurfacing in the future.

Don't try to clean your damaged jewellery, simply bring it in with your receipt and we'll sort it out for you. Anything you need for your jewellery, simply reach out to us at Zamel's.

Want a VIP experience? Explore the collection with us and discover that special diamond.