Celebration Lab Grown Diamonds

Celebration Lab Grown Diamonds

April 23, 2024
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Finally, there is a decent alternative to pricy diamonds!  

Our Celebration Diamond Collection is a beautiful range of lab grown diamonds (also known as lab created diamonds, man-made diamonds, engineered diamonds, and cultured diamonds). Now you can select a high-quality stone that has the same look, sparkle and chemical makeup of a mined diamond. 

Each lab grown diamond is made using conditions just like the natural process. Best of all, even under a magnifying glass, they’re almost impossible to tell apart. Now that’s a gem that’s not only beautiful, but clever too. 

Set in 18ct and 9ct Gold, selected Celebration Diamonds come with an independently graded certificate, covering all the 4C’s - to make sure you’re confident and happy with your purchase.  

Celebration 18ct Two Tone Gold Round Cut 1.00 Carat tw Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

So...what are lab grown diamonds? And why would I choose one? 

Whether you’re searching for a diamond engagement ring, pendant or any piece of jewellery, there are a tonne of reasons to choose a lab-grown diamond. First off, they are a new, exciting option, they represent big advances in technology, fashion and jewellery! Lab-grown diamonds are getting more and more popular and widespread.  

Lab-grown diamonds are also sourced safely and don’t involve harmful mining practices, they are nicer to the environment so are a great choice for socially conscious people.  

Being made in a similar way, they are just as strong as natural diamonds, but they grow faster so they’re more available, which means they are also cheaper. These are definitely NOT a tacky knockoff, lab-grown diamonds are the real deal, they are so similar to traditional diamonds that you really can’t tell the difference. 

Lab Grown Diamonds

Still not sure? Let's look at the details... 

How are they made? 

Diamonds in our Celebration collection are grown with cutting edge tech, recreating the same process that makes diamonds underground. This is done with two different (and sciencey-sounding) methods: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Desposition (CVD).  

Using HPHT, a diamond is created by placing a small ‘diamond seed’ into a piece of carbon. This carbon is then pressurised and heated at really high levels to form a larger diamond, which then melts the carbon away. When the CVD process is used, the same type of ‘diamond seed’ is placed into a sealed chamber, heated and exposed to carbon rich gases -  some of the technology used is similar to microwaves and lasers (please do not try to grow a diamond in your microwave!).  

How do I know these diamonds are actually decent?  

If you’ve read our 4Cs blog, you’ll know all about what the pros look for when grading diamonds. Our lab-grown diamonds are all ½ Carat or above and each is GSI (Gemological Science International) certified, the Celebration Collection in quality of I+ Colour and I1+ Clarity.  

All of Zamel’s diamonds, whether natural or lab-grown, adhere to the 4 Cs when being graded and classed: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat Weight. These stones are legit.  

Celebration 9ct Yellow Gold with Round Brilliant Cut 1/4 CARAT tw of Lab Grown Diamond Pendant

Is a lab grown diamond a real diamond? 

Yes! Lab grown diamonds are recognised and certified. They are made from pure carbon, and have the same chemical, physical, optical and crystal structure of a real diamond. Basically – they look the same!  

The main difference is the time taken to create them, natural diamonds are formed in the earth over millions of years, whereas laboratory grown are not.  

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway – these are NOT fake diamonds in any way. No diamond in the Celebration Collection is a cubic zirconia or classed as one, they are totally different stones. 

Celebration 9ct Yellow Gold with Round Brilliant Cut 0.33 CARAT tw of Lab Grown Diamonds Huggies

What is the difference between a lab-grown diamond and just a fake diamond?  

The fancy term is a “simulated diamond” - cubic zirconia, white sapphire, moissanite, zircon, rutile, spinel and synthetic garnet, all of these aren’t natural diamonds, and they aren't graded like a real diamond is.  

Natural diamonds and Celebration Collection lab grown diamonds both have a carbon composition (they are chemically the same) whereas simulated diamonds are totally different.  

Lots of simulated diamonds (such as cubic zirconia) aren’t as strong as a real diamond meaning they’re more likely to break or have problems at some point. Lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds are harder, more durable and last a lifetime when looked after. 

Celebration 9ct Yellow Gold with Round Brilliant Cut 1/2 CARAT tw of Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Is every Zamel’s diamond now laboratory grown? 

No, Zamel’s always offer our customers choice. Unlike some other stores who now only sell lab-grown stones, we continue to provide both natural and lab grown options – the choice is yours! All our Celebration Collection diamonds in-store are clearly marked, but you can always chat with one of our friendly staff about which is which.  

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