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Bracelets to Match Your Style

Whether you're looking for a single statement piece or a collection that you can layer together, Zamel's bracelets are a stunning finishing piece for your outf...
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How do I choose the right bracelet?

A bracelet is a perfect touch to add a dash of style, as long as it's the right fit for you.

Size is the first consideration when it comes to choosing a bracelet. Bracelets for women and men should be loose enough to be comfortable and fit close enough to not get in the way.

You can get out your own tape measure to measure around your wrist, or pop into any Zamel's store and we'll do it for you. The bracelet you're after is one that's 2 to 4 cm larger than the distance around your wrist.

This also has important style considerations. Thinner wrists should stick to narrower bands, while larger wrists will look more balanced with a heavier bracelet.

From there, you can let your imagination go! Browse the wide range of bracelets for women and men at Zamel's and find the one that speaks to you.

What are the most popular bracelets right now?

Some of the most popular bracelet styles right now include bangles and belcher bracelets, and bracelets with pendants or charms.

Bangles are hard bracelets that are set into a round or oval shape, so they usually fit quite loosely on the wrist. Bangles are popular because their bulkiness makes women's wrists look smaller, and they pair well with wristwatches.

Another popular style is the belcher bracelet. These bracelets are a chain made of round links, so they are soft and easy to fit on and wear. Delicate and yet also strong, belcher bracelets are a stunning addition to anyone's jewellery collection.

If you want to personalise and add charm to your bracelet, many bracelets come with pendants, which can also hold a symbolic meaning to the wearer.

Ready to find your style? Shop the range of bracelets for women and men at Zamel's.

How many bracelets can you wear?

Try stacking bracelets to showcase your personal style! How many bracelets you can wear depends on the size - you can wear up to 4 or 5 smaller bracelets together.

Larger bracelets will look better placed going alone - stack too many together, and it'll start to look crowded. However, smaller bracelets give you much more in the way of options.

Try wearing a couple bracelets side by side. For narrower bracelets, you can go ahead and stack 3 or 4 of them on your wrist - especially if you're after a more relaxed and casual style. Avoid having too many stacked bracelets, as they can tangle together.

Not sure how to get started? Mix and match bracelets of the same colour, or two different metals that complement each other - such as a gold bracelet with a sterling silver or white gold bracelet.

How do you style a bracelet with a watch?

It's easy to style a bracelet with a watch. Choose one or two mid-sized bracelets, or two or three narrower bracelets, to show off your wristwatch.

A slim metal watch will pair fantastically with a bracelet. It takes some careful consideration to stack bracelets on the same wrist as your watch, but it'll look stunning once you pull it off.

The most important thing is to make sure it doesn't look over-crowded, so either avoid larger bracelets or have one or two at most. Watches look better with thinner bracelets, so ideally stick to those.

A thin, gold bracelet for women is a great choice to pair with an elegant wristwatch. If you're worried a gold bracelet will clash too much against a watch, choose a white gold bracelet that will blend in seamlessly and stylishly.

Do you wear rings and bracelets on the same hand?

It depends on whether you want to dress up or down. Wear rings and bracelets on the same hand for a casual style, or on opposite hands to dress up more formally.

Rings and bracelets on the same hand - especially statement rings - are a great way to make your accessories pop and catch the eye.

Try a chunky statement ring with a couple stacked bracelets - one of the same metal as the ring, and one of a complementary metal.

But if you have a more subdued style, or are dressing up for a more formal environment such as work, you may prefer to tone it down a bit.

This could mean using simple accessories of the same metal - such as a wedding band with a plain gold bracelet for women, on your left hand. Or you could choose to wear your ring and bracelets on the opposite hands.