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Casio G-Shock

Watches with their chunky design and signature style, G-Shock watches have become an iconic fashion statement. In addition to their bold style, G-Shock watches are unbelievably tou...
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Why are G-Shock watches so popular?

G-Shock has endured for decades because of their ability to combine style and strength. These watches are world leaders because of their durable and dependable performance - and the G-Shock truly embodies these qualities.

From the classic, chunky models from the 1980s, through to today’s slim-line, tech-infused timepieces, the G-Shock brand remains exceptionally popular.

The Analog/Digital nature of the LCD screen gives you the flexibility to tell the time in the way that’s right for you. It’s all about timeless appeal coupled with complete functionality, according to the way you want it.

The simple truth is that the Casio build quality allows them to last for years. Plus, the classic octagon form and sleek colourways will never go out of style.

If you’re searching for an iconic watch that isn’t simply a fashion trend or passing style, then the Casio G-Shock is the ultimate choice.

How are G-Shock watches so strong?

Casio has spent decades refining their design and manufacturing processes to produce one of the toughest timepieces that money can buy.

The octagon form is not only instantly iconic but also powerful and durable. G-Shock houses its industry-leading tech inside this unique geometric construction to deliver unbeatable strong performance.

Their designs use high-strength resin materials reinforced with carbon fibre. These metals achieve a uniquely thin casing that has been refined down to just millimetres.

Couple this with 200-metre water resistance and a powerful resin band, and you have a watch that delivers unbeatable power and performance.

This technology combines to deliver the patented G-Shock Triple-10 Resistance. This means these watches have a battery life of 10 years, a water resistance of 10 bars, and can survive a fall from 10 metres.

All of these unique attributes make the Casio G-Shock one of the most rugged and highly reinforced watches currently on the market.

What’s the story behind the G-Shock?

G-Shock was created in 1981 by a Casio engineer called Kikuo Ibe. One day, Kikuo tragically dropped and broke the watch that was left to him by his late father. The event inspired him to design the G-Shock - a powerful and durable timepiece that would never break when dropped.

A department was created to achieve this dream - which quickly became known as “Team Tough". After testing hundreds of prototypes, Ibe finally discovered the unique shock absorption system that would make his watch famous.

The design has multi-layered protection of the internal quartz timekeeping device. The manufacturing process utilises urethane, rubber, stainless steel and crystal to produce the rugged, resistant and shock-proof G-Shock.

What are the styles of G-Shock watches?

The classic G-Shock watch comes in a variety of models, delivering many takes on the classic octagon form.

The iconic silhouette remains ever-present, whilst presented in a range of sleek and understated colourways. Black and grey casings are coupled with matte tones and metallic finishes.

G-Shock is the perfect accompaniment to casual streetwear looks and streamlined athletic attire. This is a timeless workout look - and when paired with slimline lycra and breathable fabrics, will never go out of style.

The Baby G-Shock is another iconic timepiece with an immediately identifiable style. Retaining the same toughness as its counterpart, the Baby G also offers a smaller and cuter design in a variety of attention-grabbing colours.

Their unique pastel palette is an iconic look and the perfect accessory to any outfit. Their baby pinks, rose golds and light greens always draw the eye.

All G-Shock watches are made for both men and women, meaning any model you choose to buy will be as dynamic as your own unique style.

What tech does the G-Shock include?

Casio released the G-Shock back in the 1980s, and ever since, it’s become the watch that blends new tech with classic design.

Casio’s unique gravitation technology centres around shock absorption and damage resistance. The watch delivers a revolutionary casing that prevents shocks from damaging the internal mechanisms of the timepiece.

Today’s latest models offer Bluetooth connectivity - delivering a whole new world of possibilities. The latest G-Shock watches support app connectivity, offering extreme sports fans live updates on surf conditions, weather reports and global location data.

These watches leverage new technology, giving fitness enthusiasts and adventure travellers an array of amazing opportunities. If you need a timepiece made for an active outdoor lifestyle, then the Casio G-Shock is the perfect choice.