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Bringing performance together with style - Citizen watches sit at the meeting point of elegance and the leading edge of watch technology. For the sophisticated option, Citizen w...
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How long do Citizen watches in Australia last?

For Citizen Eco-Drive watches, both the solar cells and rechargeable batteries will last up to 10 years.

Citizen Eco-Drive watches are built with high-quality lubricants, which won't harden or evaporate over the years of use. These lubricant oils can extend the lifespan of your watch, to even longer than 20 years.

To help your watch last longer, make sure to keep its temperature down while you are charging. While it's not common, there have been cases where Citizen watches for men and women can become damaged during recharging, due to excessive heat.

As a precaution against this happening, the watches should be kept below 60 degrees during recharging. If you want to keep wearing your watch for years to come, make sure to avoid any sources of light or heat. This means keeping them away from any light bulbs and off your car dashboards.

What movement does Citizen use?

Citizen ladies' watches and men's watches are powered by Miyota movements. While most watch companies buy all or part of their movements from other companies, Miyota movements are an in-house technology that Citizen owns.

The time-keeping of watches are powered by a range of movements or calibres, including both mechanical and quartz movements. The movement is also the engine that underpins ChronoGraph features, such as on the Citizen Men's Chrono Graph watch.

The mechanical movements are entirely composed of mechanical parts, such as gears and springs. With the level of precision engineering needed to bring these moving parts together, mechanical movements are where the technical craft of the watch shines through.

Quartz movements have fewer moving parts, as they are run on an electrical circuit that is powered by a battery. To this day, quartz movements keep the most accurate time for wristwatches.

Do Citizen watches have batteries?

Watches in the Citizen range are powered by batteries, apart from the Eco-Drive range, which use solar power.

Rather than having a separate battery, Citizen Eco-Drive watches are powered by light - both natural and artificial. This light is converted into electricity to recharge the internal battery, which is then used to power the time-keeping of the watch.

How much light the watch needs to be recharged depends on the model. Each watch comes with an instruction booklet with estimates of how long it will take to recharge.

Eco-Drive watches don't ever need to be charged, although you need to take care that they receive enough light to recharge. To make sure the watch will continue to work, avoid leaving the watch in a drawer or other low-light environment for extended periods of time.

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Are Citizen watch diamonds real?

Citizen uses real diamonds in their watches. A premium quality of diamonds is used to create a watch that will be stylish on your wrist as well as accurate in keeping the time.

Citizen watches, women's and men's, feature diamonds with a pristine, clear light. Adorned with real diamonds, the watches come with a diamond certification, making this an iconic timepiece and fashion accessory.

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