Jewellery Care & Repairs


Make sure your new jewellery stands the test of time by treating it as the precious item it is. Avoid wearing your jewellery when using chemicals or harsh cleaning products, when gardening or playing contact sports. Put jewellery on only after applying make-up and moisturisers. Avoid wearing jewellery while bathing, showering or swimming.

Our staff are happy to help arrange maintenance and repairs for your piece. Visit any Zamels store as soon as you notice any loose claws or clasps or other potential problems. Do not attempt to clean damaged jewellery.

Two-tone and white gold jewellery has been rhodium plated to enhance its appearance. The plating is not permanent and may require replating in the future.

When not wearing your jewellery, store it with the care it deserves. Coloured stones may fade overtime if left in direct sunlight. Dropping jewellery or knocking it on hard surfaces may result in scratches and dents.

To help your jewellery maintain its gleam, clean your pieces regularly. Clean diamonds in a warm mild soap solution to keep their sparkle. Precious Gem pieces should be cleaned in a warm suds and ammonia solution and gently brushed with a soft toothbrush before rinsing in clean warm water.

Professional polishing cloths for gold and silver are available for purchase in Zamels stores. If your piece requires a more professional clean, staff at any of our Zamels stores are happy to clean it for you at no charge if you drop in with your receipt.




For over 50 years Zamel’s has been dedicated to providing you with exceptional quality and service. The Zamel's Extended Care Plan is an extension of that service offering you peace of mind protection on your fine jewellery purchase. Our service plans are available to you in either 3 year or lifetime packages.


Services covered by our plans are:

  • Ring sizing (up to 2 sizes);
  • Resetting and tightening of stones;
  • Rhodium plating of white gold (every 12 months);
  • Re-tipping of prongs;
  • Cleaning, inspecting, refinishing and polishing;
  • Chain and bracelet soldering and clasp replacement;
  • Earring repair.

Extended Care Plan Terms and Conditions

Extended Care Plans
Retail Range 3 Year Plan Life Time Plan
Below $99 19.99 29.99
100-199.99 34.99 69.99
200-399.99 49.99 89.99
400-599.99 59.99 119.99
600-799.99 69.99 139.99
800-999.99 79.99 169.99
1000-1249.99 99.99 179.99
1250-1499.99 129.99 199.99
1500-1999.99 149.99 249.99
2000-2499.99 169.99 289.99
2500-2999.99 179.99 329.99
3000-3999.99 189.99 429.99
4000-4999.99 199.99 479.99
5000-5999.99 229.99 549.99
6000-7999.99 249.99 629.99
8000-9999.99 329.99 699.99
10000-14999.99 449.99 829.99
15000-19999.99 599.99 1099.99
20000-24999.99 NA 1399.99
25000-29999.99 NA 1699.99
30000-39,999.99 NA 1999.99
40000-49,999.99 NA 2499.99
50000-59,999.99 NA 2999.99



When you purchase a piece from Zamel's we want it to sparkle with brilliance and last forever, so we offer Jewellery cleaning as part of our service to you.

Maintaining a clean diamond can sometimes be difficult, as jewellery settings can obstruct cleaning efforts, and oils, grease, and other materials adhere well to a diamond's surface.

There are a number of things you can do to prevent build up of dirt and prevent jewellery becoming tarnished:

  • Store jewellery carefully in its original packaging or a jewellery box.
  • Clean jewellery using warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle toothbrush.
  • Use a non abrasive silver cloth or soft lint free cloth to polish jewellery and remove tarnishing.
  • Don't expose jewellery to harsh chemicals or perfumes as this could cause damage and discoloration.
  • Don't wear jewellery when doing anything heavy duty and avoid unnecessary knocks and scratches.
  • Have your Jewellery professionally cleaned at any Zamel's store.



We all love an excuse to buy a new piece of jewellery, however at Zamel's old is new again as we can repair any broken Jewellery, so you can hold onto your precious pieces for a lifetime.

We have a number of services including:

  • Ring resizing
  • Chain rejoining & repair
  • Replacing and fitting bolt rings, parrot clasps and padlocks
  • Safety chains
  • Charm soldering
  • Stone replacements