Jewellery and Diamond Care

Jewellery and Diamond Care

October 20, 2023
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Jewellery, especially diamond jewellery should be taken care of. By giving your pieces the proper love and care they deserves, you can make sure your pieces continue to look as beautiful as the day they were made.

Whether your favourite new necklace, a trusty pair of everyday earrings or your STUNNING new engagement ring, we have all the jewellery care tips you need.

Oil and water. Jewellery and chlorine. Some things just don’t mix.

Following a few simple steps will keep your jewellery bits looking beautiful:

Let's look at some everyday maintenance...

  • Protect your jewellery! You wouldn’t go jogging with your nan’s favourite china in your backpack would you? Remove rings when playing sport, gardening or doing housework. Anything that might cause your pieces any stress.
  • Moisturisers are not your friend: Remove jewellery before applying soaps, lotions, hairsprays or any other cosmetics – they may damage the surface of the diamond, the metal or make your jewellery appear dirty.
  • Avoid ANY harsh chemicals: remove jewellery when doing housework or swimming, chlorine, bleach and lots of other household cleaning products can damage your pieces. Think the discoloured metals and diamonds, loosened stones and settings – not good.
  • Handle your diamond jewellery only when needed, natural oils from skin creates a film on diamonds.
  • Overall, just be mindful of your jewellery – wherever you can, protect your pieces from sharp blows, sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Storing Your Jewellery
Overcrowded jewellery boxes can damage your pieces. Pendants and bracelets can get tangled easily, earrings can go missing amongst bigger pieces, delicate pieces can bend or warp. Just don’t do it.

  • Upgrade that old jewellery box from your teenage years and give your collection a cosy place to call home. Choose a container with separate compartments, allowing you to separate special pieces and ensure your favourite pieces are kept safe.
  • The original box your jewellery piece came in is a great place for storage.
  • We also recommend storing your diamond jewellery separately to prevent damage:
  • Extra care should be taken for your super special, diamond pieces. If they can’t be kept separate, we suggest wrapping each piece in a separate, lint-free soft cloth; keeping it safe and dust-free.
  • “Lint-free cloths” don’t have to be fancy! Old hankies, blouses, or scarves can be cut into small pieces. White or light in colour is best, if they are exposed to moisture there is no chance of dyes leaking onto the jewellery.

Keep it clean
Over time, dirt, oils, and lotions can dull the shine of your jewellery, especially diamonds. Once in a while, or before a special event, restore the sparkle of your faves with a few simple steps:

  • Soapy water bath: Prepare a small bowl of warm suds with mild liquid soapy water. Brush the piece of jewellery with a small soft brush (or baby toothbrush) creating a lather. Place the piece on a wire strainer and rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Professional polishing cloths for gold and silver are also available for purchase in Zamel’s stores.
  • If your piece requires a more professional clean, pop into any of our stores and one of our friendly staff are happy to clean it for you at no charge (don't forget to bring your receipt!)

Regular Inspections 
Don’t risk losing a diamond! Make sure you check over your jewellery from time to time, especially when giving it a clean. Look out for any loose settings or prongs or anything that looks a bit out of the ordinary. If you notice any issues, pop into your local Zamel’s, we will check over the piece and organise a repair if needed. 

In general, we recommend having a professional check over your diamond jewellery at least once a year. They will look for loose claws, worn mountings and general wear and tear.

We have a number of other services including:

  • Ring resizing
  • Chain rejoining & repair
  • Replacing and fitting bolt rings, parrot clasps and padlocks
  • Safety chains
  • Charm soldering
  • Stone replacements

For those extra special pieces, we also have our Extended Care Plans – covering everything from ring resizing to rhodium plating!

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