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Mother's Day

6 Gorgeous Gifts for Mother's Day

What better time than Mother’s Day to celebrate the special role Mum plays in your life?

This year, show your love and appreciation with a stunning piece of jewellery that holds a sentimental meaning!

With a range of glamorous items to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift at Zamel’s.

Pamper your mum with one of our top six picks for a mesmerising Mother’s Day gift. Choose a flawless, unique present that will make her feel loved and that she will adore forever.

1. Oval Mum & Flower Engraved Gold Locket

In classic, timeless beauty, a gold locket will always make a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Delicately engraved with flowers and “Mum” in a charming font, our Gold Mum & Flower Engraved Oval Locket is an easy winner.

Historically, gifting a locket represents your love and admiration for a special person in your life. With the purpose of placing a sentimental photo inside, lockets are designed to be held close forever.

In 9CT two-tone gold, the 21mm locket will make your mum feel loved and appreciated!

2. Heart Flower Engraved Gold Locket Necklace

If you like the idea of a golden locket but would prefer a different style of engraving, the Gold Flower Engraved Heart Locket is a gorgeous choice.

Engraved with two delicate flowers on a golden heart-shaped locket, the unique piece is perfect for everyday wear. This 9CT two-tone gold, 10mm locket will be your mum’s all-time favourite.

Resembling love and providing a special place to keep a treasured photo, the heart flower engraved locket will be a sentimental gift that can be passed on for generations to come.

3. 9ct Yellow Gold & Silver-Filled Hoop Earrings

For mums who prefer a simple, modern style, our small-to-medium sized hoop earrings make a gift that can perfectly complement any outfit!

Our 9CT Gold & Silver-filled Patterned Hoops are a perfect 10mm in size, designed with a simple yet unique pattern that makes them different from the rest.

Suitable for any occasion, the stylish rose gold & silver-filled hoop earrings will suit any fashion-loving mum!

While hoop earrings are trending in fashion today, they still resemble a special meaning. In the shape of a closed circle, hoop earrings represent strength and wholeness – a perfect gift for the strong and dependable mother that you’ve always admired.

4. Pearl Bracelets

Classy, shiny, and smooth, pearls make a beautiful Mother’s Day present. If you’re thinking of choosing jewellery for a classic, timeless look - pearl bracelets are the perfect choice!

When gifted, pearls represent love and wisdom. The Freshwater Pearl T-bar Bracelet is a 5-6mm Freshwater Pearl bracelet, featuring a Sterling Silver T-bar clasp.

With the shine of sterling silver, this luminous necklace has an elegant design that stands out.

5) Diamond Heart Pendant

Searching for the perfect way to celebrate a wonderful mother? This dazzling Yellow Gold Diamond Heart Pendant is a perfect choice.

This beautiful piece features lab-grown diamonds that are ethically created and of the finest quality.

This one-of-a-kind pendant contains a row of round brilliant cut lab grown diamonds totalling 1/4 carat total weight encircling a 9ct Yellow Gold heart.

Every lab-grown diamond has the same physical, chemical, and visual properties as a mined diamond, with each stone comparable in size and quality to one extracted from the earth.

This stunning pendant is an unforgettable gift and one mum will cherish forever.

6) Pearl Necklace

Last, but not least, a set of pearls is the ultimate gift for mums with either a traditional or modern style!

Our bestselling Freshwater Pearls T-bar Necklace features a simple and elegant clasp, crafted from sterling silver and stunning freshwater pearls. This piece is beautifully made - and all for a price that offers outstanding value for money.

Always in fashion, a set of pearls traditionally represents wisdom and security. With a modern twist, this gorgeous pearl necklace offers a fresh take on a timeless favourite. You can even complete the set with the matching Freshwater Pearl T-bar Bracelet.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift is at Zamel’s!

If your ideal Mother’s Day gift is not on our top 6 list, you can find it online or at your closest Zamel’s store. With an unrivalled collection and unbeatable prices, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift that will make this Mother’s Day one to remember!

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